Now serving Redmond and Sisters!

Absolute Serenity has expanded quality Senior Living Care to Redmond. Our care is much like an assisted living, but its provided in a smaller, intimate, home setting. Our homes are licensed through the State and operated as Adult foster care.

Absolute Serenity Senior Care started providing quality care in Sisters, in our first Adult foster home, July 2009. In 2015 and 2016, we expanded our care to two homes, which were purpose built for Senior Care. 

Our care, services and model for Seniors has been well received by the community and professionals in the area. During our time in operation, it has been expressed that there is a need for this type of care in Redmond. After much consideration and planning, we have now opened our first location in Redmond. We are very excited to become a part of the Redmond Community! 

We are conveniently located on the corner of Canal and Greenwood, just three blocks from the senior center and five blocks from St. Charles Hospital. Our residents, family members, the community and our caregivers will also enjoy our quality activities, home environment, quality care and a place that feels like home. While providing all types of care and services from independent living to full Assisted living and end of life care, we will continue to provide quality care and strive to make our home feel like home to the Seniors we care for. 

With our location so close to the senior center and our wheelchair transport bus, we will be participating in and supporting the senior programs to best suit our Residents. Community partners such as local Hospice and Home Health services will provide for a great partnership with Absolute Serenity, that will enhance our quality Senior care in Redmond.

We encourage you to stop by, take a tour, call or email and get a better understanding of how we can provide the care you deserve in our Adult Foster Care Homes.

Please contact us so we can help you through this process.